Advanced technologies of horizontal borehole drilling in solid mineral mining

A.A. Tverdov, E.E. Baisarov

The article describes promising technologies and application areas of the novel class of multifunctional slant rigs (MSR) – mobile, self-propelled units, MSR with a variable-speed drive, modular design rigs, those with a luffing mast and a rack-and-pinion surface travel mechanism of a top drive in solid mineral mining. It is noted that MSR provides the perfection of the construction technology for slant-horizontal boreholes (SHB) with great bottom plumb-line deviation, and proved successful in oil and gas production, but insufficiently used in solid mineral mining. However, the following application areas for this technology seem promising: coal deposit gas drainage, mine water drainage and dewatering, underground workings drivage, drilling and blasting processes, borehole in-situ leaching and hydraulic mining, geological exploration, as it significantly saves costs, improves safety and enhances technological efficiency of mining processes.

№3 (133) 2017

Key words: MSR, construction of slant-horizontal boreholes with great bottom plumb-line deviation, drilling processes, gas drainage, mine water drainage, dewatering, ventilation, underground workings drivage, safetyin-mining, geological exploration, output, solid minerals, borehole directed drilling, borehole, shaft, leaching, hydraulic mining

Mining Industry Journal №3 (133) 2017, p.26