IRTYSH mining and transport machinery automatic operational dispatch management system (MTM AODMS)

S.A. Margaryan

Irtysh MTM AODMS is a modern highly integrated complex automatic management system covering actually all mining and transport machinery of an opencast coal mine. It provides end- to-end dispatch management of the mining process at all stages – from overburden removal to coal loading for shipment to consumers. The MTM AODMS controls different types of mining and transport machinery including rail and road transport, as an integrated system of overburden rock transportation, and the provision is made for its commissioning in parallel with the modernizing of the technological infrastructure of the mining and transport machinery fleet. This feature makes the system unique for the mining industry. By estimates of the coal industry leading experts, application of automatic dispatch management systems providing the optimization of ROM material production and transportation is the most promising, and in many cases the only possible way of enhancing the output per man in the mining sector. At large mines the application of the system is a must, since the efficient organization of the mining and transportation process is actually impossible without it.

№3 (133) 2017

Key words: automatic management system, ROM material transportation, mining industry, mining and transport machinery, modernization, efficiency

Mining Industry Journal №3 (133) 2017, p.40