Zoning of the Northern Territories of the Russian Federation by natural gas use as an energy source (Sakha (Yakutia) case study)

P.I.Tarasov, V.S. Selin, M.L. Khazin, O.V. Golubev, V.V. Furzikov

Hydrocarbon fields in the Arctic Region have been known for long, however, only recent years have launched their development. The access to these fields is provided by the Northern Sea Route, which connects also the countries of Europe and the European Russia with the Far East and markets of Asia. One of the most important areas of the government support for the regions of the North is the restructuring of the existing organizational and financial mechanisms of the so-called “Severny Zavoz” (delivery of necessary resources to the Northern Territories of Russia required for the vital activities of the population and functioning of the economic assets). Among the factors responsible for the discomfort of living of the population in the North one of the most important roles belong to the accessibility by transport and development of the territory. A packaged approach is required for the application of new methods and technologies for the Far North territory development.

№4 (134) 2017

Key words: Arctic Region, development of the Northern Territories, accessibility by transport, packaged approach, zoning of the Northern territories.

Mining Industry Journal №4 (134) 2017, p.68