Life looking like a legend (the 100th anniversary of MMA)

V.B. Kuznetsov

The article dwells on the life journey of Aleksandr Pavlovich Serebrovskiy, a prominent manager and facilitator of the USSR industr, scientist and professor of the Mining Academy. Establishment, development and advances of the Soviet gold mining sector, which made the USSR the world second gold producer in 1930s, became possible due to tremendous efforts and genius of A.P. Serebrovskiy. Facts derived from the available historical accounts show also A.P. Serebrovsky’s tragic fate, he died in 1938 in the period of political repressions.

№6 (136) 2017

Key words: gold mining, oil, ore mine, industrialization, revolution, industry, engineer, Stalin, Siberia, repressions, MMA

Mining Industry Journal №6 (136) 2017, p.98