Substantiation of parameters of high-capacity sandwich-belt high-angle conveyors for deep open pits

E.E. Sheshko

The author addresses the issues of substantiation of design and operation parameters of sandwich-belt high-angle conveyors. It is proved that the performed studies have made possible the elimination of problems of the conveyor capacity enhancement with the same belt width and speed; selection of the radius of the conveyor transition sections; distribution of loads between the conveyor load-carrying and pressure belts, minimization of the belt relative slip by load. These gains have been translated into recommendations on the selection of the conveyor parameters for different operation conditions.

№6 (136) 2017

Key words: sandwich-belt high-angle conveyor, capacity, elastic properties of belts, open pit, filler and steel-cord rubber belts, simulation of belt stressstrain state, belt load, modulus of elasticity

Журнал "Горная Промышленность"№6 (136) 2017, стр.80