Revisited: refining the reliability of dynamic phenomena forecasts and stress-strain state monitoring in underground coal mines with the use of seismoacoustic methods

O.V. Tailakov, S.V. Sokolov

The authors discuss the application of continuous recording of a seismoacoustic signal in conditions of an operating coal mine for the forecast and monitoring of the development of dynamic phenomena. Possible factors of noise formation, as well as approaches to their description and accounting were identified for the enhancement of the efficiency of coal-rock mass stress state monitoring. An approach is described to rock mass physical parameters measurement with the use of seismic survey. Interpretation of the results of the performed mine seismic tomography measurements is provided. Special arrangements for the perfection of seismoacoustic data recording quality in conditions of operating underground coal mines are described.

№6 (136) 2017

Key words: mine geophysical study, seismoacoustic methods of research, seismic survey, coal seam roof, transmitted acoustic signals, wave propagation velocity, seismic noise, frequency

Mining Industry Journal №6 (136) 2017, p.72