Reprocessing of Nd-Fe-B-based permanents magnet manufacture abrasion products for neodymium recovery

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-2-138-100

I.A. Luchko

Neodymium and neodymium oxide annual demand of the contemporary Russian industry is estimated at dozens thousand tons. As of today, the situation with production and demand of neodymium in Russia can be characterized as catastrophic. In the current market conditions it is often easier and cheaper to import neodymium and neodymium-based products from foreign countries irrespective of their high prices. To avoid losses of the valuable metal in production it is reasonable to reprocess the abrasion products for reutilization.

Key words: reprocessing, reutilization, rare-earth metals, neodymium, abrasion products, permanent magnets

Mining Industry Journal №2 (138) 2018, p.100