Processing (utilization) of ammunition and gunpowder and adaptation of products of their utilization for the industrial purposes

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-3-139-76-78

D.F. Davydov, A.V. Ryabov, V.V. Fedoseyev, B.V. Matseyevich, Yu.G. Schukin

This article summarizes the experience in the processing (disposal) of ammunition and their components by the enterprises of the defense industry complex and outlines the results of using the products of recycled ammunition in the mining industry.

Key words: ammunition utilization, artillery shots, hexogen, industrial EXPLOSIVES, ultrasound, hydro-cavitation, hydrodynamics, small arms ammunition, gunpowder, solid rocket fuels

Mining Industry Journal №3 (139) 2018, p.76