Energy efficient and safe technologies of exploration and development of mineral mining and processing technology-related mineral formations. Philosophy of deposit development planning and design.

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-3-139-86-90

M.V. Rylnikova, D.N. Radchenko

Based on the generalized experience of research into mineral mining and processing technology-related formations (tailings storage facilities) and studies personally performed in different years the authors describe the philosophy of the deposit development planning and design. High-priority tasks of technology-related deposit commercial development include such aspects as investigation of tailings storage facilities as perspective mining sites and obtaining of the reliable information on tailings storage facility depth and area variation of valuable component concentrations, and first of all, data required for the evaluation of the structure and properties of massifs, zoning of mineral forms and aggregates as a basis for the technology of such deposits development. Such sites are the most difficult-to-develop deposits. They are characterized by the deposit depth and area extremely uneven distribution of valuable components, great variety of physical and mechanical characteristics, varying material composition of samples taken from different points. All these factors dictate the necessity of developing radically different (as compared with the currently applicable methods for natural mineral deposits) mineral quality management systems. Tailings storage facilities are characterized by the presence of dangerous areas hidden under thick layers of non-drained slurries, zones liable to falling-in of bank slopes, etc. The authors propose to tailor the modern philosophy of mineral deposit comprehensive development for use at technology-related formations on the basis of the scientific studies. Such studies cover the objective laws of the formation of deposit material processing characteristics, mapping of the technology-related massif depending on the structure and properties of the raw material; development of technologies providing the achievement of the required production capacity of a mining site in its different sections with due account for approved methods of blending and on-site separation with the purpose of providing the stability of mineral feedstock flows, which serve a basis for profitable operation of mineral processing plants and mills.

Key words: mining and processing technology-related formations, technology-related deposits, tailings storage facility, massif, heterogeneity, structure, planning and design, development, planning and design philosophy, geotechnology

Mining Industry Journal №3 (139) 2018, p.86