Relining of grinding mills with the use of articulating cranes

N.N. Nailov

The article discusses a very important issue for grinding processes of mineral processing and construction enterprises – minimization of drum mills downtime in case of relining. Relining is a labour and cost intensive, as well as unsafe job. Today, all production companies aim at the minimization of costs, greater efficiency and higher equipment utilization factor. The solution proposed by the author met a keen interest in many companies. Customized solutions have been presented, 3D modeling of machinery configuration has been performed: articulated crane + articulated crane, and manipulator + articulated crane, modular articulated crane + rope crane + articulated crane mini, which descriptions can be found in the previous issues of the GP Journal. Flexibility of relining systems allows minimization of wear plates replacement time and improvement of personnel safety in specified conditions of a particular company in confined service area of mills.

Key words: relining, system, articulated crane, outriggers, relining installer, safety, time, minimization, downtime, hydraulic, rope, monitoring, mill, lining, shaft journal, simultaneously, operator, solution

Mining Industry Journal №4 (140) 2018, p.38