Peru as new actor in global mining equipment value chain

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-4-140-72-78

V.B. Kondratyev

While resources in other mining countries, such as Canada and South Africa, are entering the later stages of their exploitation, Peru is just getting started and upgrading strategies taken to support the growth of the mining equipment sector today, can help to generate benefits for the country in the future. Upgrading in the mining equipment sector can help Peru to increase the benefits derived from its natural resources, improving mining operation efficiency. To date, Peru has demonstrated success in two key areas – underground mining and mineral processing as a result of its particular geological conditions. Peruvian companies thus need to explore opportunities to leverage the skills developed to date in the mining equipment sector to enter into the agricultural, fishery and potentially, oil and gas sectors

Key words: mining equipment industry, global value chains, upgrade trajectory, Peru mining industry

Mining Industry Journal №4 (140) 2018, p.72