Theory of coal-bed electron-wave physics

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-5-141-86-89

I.E. Kolesnichenko, V.B. Artemiev, E.A. Kolesnichenko, V.G.Cherechukin, E.I. Lyubomishchenko

The article deals with the problems of coal-bed methane safety in coal mining operations. The authors present the analysis of methods of research into the objective laws governing the genesis of car boniferous formations. The description is provided of geological peculiarities of brittle coal ply formation, and assumptions concerning the initiation of methane sudden outbursts. The authors propose a theory of coal-bed electron-wave physics, which is a research area of quantum mechanics. The theory views the intrinsic energy of material atoms as a source of thermal energy in the implementation of all physical and chemical processes of peat accumulation, carbonification and coal-bed metamorphism. The formation of methane content, sudden outbursts of methane are considered as individual processes of the formation and development of coal seams.

Key words: electron-wave, thermal energy, coal seam, peat accumulation, metamorphism, photons, atoms, electrons, molecular structure, methane, sudden outbursts, methane content, physical laws

Mining Industry Journal №5 (141) 2018, p.86