The ILMA Company and Automation

A well known among Russian miners scientific production corporation (TSPC) "ILMA" (Tomsk) has been designing, manu­facturing and servicing the automated control systems for min­ing equipment for seven years*.

THREE major strategic concerns were set by company manage­ment:

- to realize the change from manual to automatic control of longwall sets and heading equipment of Russian mines for higher safety and working efficiency;

- to supply miners with native systems of automated control and with the equipment for longwall monitoring;

- complexity, maximum unification, equipment service and competitive prices are the basic principles of automation.

As the time shows, these concerns are being solved successfully.

The corporation creates from the very beginning the newest native systems of automated control, taking into account all mod­ern world-wide tendencies in mining automation sphere. Suffice it to say, that TLMA's specialists got some patents of invention and sample parts in automation sphere.

For the first time in Russia over then 130 systems of automated control were designed, started out serial production and delivered to consumers among them 7 remote control systems of heading machine KP21 (6 of them work by radio channel). All systems work in mines of the largest coal companies, such as

SUEK, Severstal-Resurs, Belon, Donetskstal, Raspadskaya Coal Company, Russky Ugol etc. in Kuzbass, Vorkuta, Rostov region and also in salt mines of Uralkaly and Silvinit.

Two systems of automated control for support sections SAUK-138M and 7 radio control systems of heading machine KP21 are planned to be produced for Kuzbass' mines in the nearest future.

These are some new TLMA's workings:

- the industrial explosion-protected computer KPV1 meant for visualization of condition and operation factors of the support sections and heading machine in mine tunnel;

- the system of loud-speaking digital communication SCSI with extension of 150 km. The system provides loud connection of mine controller's office with all groups of service points inside the mine and every service point with the controller (also it can provide a loud-speaking connection among the group of service points);

- the uninterruptible power supply IBP1 meant for power supply of the equipment determined workers' location in mine and maintaining its efficiency during 8-16 hours with lack of voltage;

- the equipment for pre-starting signaling APS meant for form­ing and reproduction preventive sound signaling of beginning of the heading machine work.

In the current year the following serial production sys­tems make the main volume of output:

- the remote control systems of heading machines Ural-20R, Ural-10, Ural-61 and the electro hydraulic control system for self-propelled drilling machine SBU-250;

- the control system KP21DR - remote radio control

system of heading machine KP21 with the equipment for lighting and controlling the level and the tempera­ture of the oil into the oil station;

- the system of automated control for support sections SAUK-138M with the equipment for visualization and

archivation. The system provides not only the visual­ization of data inside the drift and on the surface,

but also the information storage of operation work

factors of supports and heading machines;

- the control system of pump station AUNS1;

- the control system of filter station.

The ILMA company provides the warranty for all its production range. The warranty time is up to 24 months. Also it provides chief-assembling, starting up and commissioning, miners train­ing, warranty and after-warranty service.

Annually the ILMA company takes part in the international mining exhibitions in Russia (Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo), Ukraine (Donetsk) and China (Beijing). Company's production has been awarded with two Grand Prixes, five gold medals and eleven Diplomas since 2003.

Today, as the National Scientific Center GP - the Skochinsky's Institute of Mining declared, the corporation is ready "to design and produce automated control systems, systems of checking and diagnostics of all machines of the complex using its technical facilities. If the ILMA company is able to do it, it'll be the revolution in problem-solving of safety control and service of longwall equipment" [ "Ugol" magazine, #1/2007]. And it will be done this year: for a SUEK'S  mine

(Kuzbass) the company's specialists are designing the program for visualizing operation factors of the whole longwall set of equipment.

The nearest company plans are developing of the automated control system for conveyor. The company's prospect is providing mines with uninhabited technology of coal production with native control systems.