Coal of Russia & Mining '2008

The XV International Specialized Exhibition Coal of Russia & Mining '2008, the World's #1 exhibition on coal underground mining technology, took place in Novokuznetsk, Russia, on June 3-6, 2008.

A PROOF of the high level of the Coal Forum is the official logos of the largest exhibition communities: the UFI (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) and RUEF (Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs). Since 2003, the Exhibition is held under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

Sponsors: Kuzbasskaya yarmarka (Kuzbass Fair) Exhibition Company engaged in the exhibition business since 1992 (a member of the UFI (Paris, France), RUEF, and Kuzbass Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and Messe Düsseldorf GmbH (Germany), an exhibitions contractor on the territory of Russia since the early 1960s.

Official Promoters: the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Mining Machinery Association within the German Engineering Federation (Verband Deutsche Maschinen und Anlagenbau (VDMA), Federal Energy Agency of the Russian Federation, Kemerovo Oblast and Novokuznetsk administrations, International Mining Congress, Association of British Mining Equipment Companies (ABMEC), Kuzbass Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Siberian State Industrial University (Novokuznetsk).

Participants of the Exhibition: the core of the Russian exposition was formed by coal, mining and engineering enterprises. The participants in Coal of Russia & Mining 2008 numbered 612 exhibitors, including major global mining equipment manufacturers and suppliers, coal mining, preparation and processing enterprises from 18 countries all over the world: Australia, Great Britain, USA, Germany, Canada, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, France, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and China. The exhibition again showed positive development trends in the coalindustry and Russian economy as a whole and a growing interest of foreign firms in the Russian market.

Over 2,500 full-size floor samples were displayed in the exhibition and 371 exhibits were presented for the first time.

For the first time the Exhibition Coal of Russia & Mining was held on the Square of Social Events. The space occupied by the exhibition was 24,000 sq. meters.

According to the Marketing Service of Kuzbasskaya yarmarka, the number of visitors of the exhibition exceeded expectations of the Organizers: during the whole exhibition period, 26,750 people

visited the exposition, of which 85.5% was specialists representing enterprises of the coal, engineering, and metallurgical industries, and other spheres of business from the Russian Federation and other world countries.

In the course of the exhibition, over 400 negotiations on joint projects were conducted.

Science/Business Program: workshop conferences, meetings, seminars, presentations of firms, new science programs, developments, and innovations in the coal industry were dedicated to the issues of the degasification of coal seams and methane disposal, enhancement of efficiency of coal production and mining safety.

The International Scientific-Practical Conference High Technologies of Mineral Resources Development and Management was held within the framework of the Exhibition Coal of Russia & Mining 2008 on the initiative of Governor of the Kemerovo Oblast Aman Tuleev. Thirty Russian enterprises and organizations submitted 97 papers to the Conference. The papers were dealing with the development of leading-edge technologies, improvement of process safety and environmental protection, development of advanced systems and forms of economic management of mining operations, and the issue of current importance in Kemerovo Oblast: methane recovery and utilization.

The Conference resolved: to consider the development and introduction of high methane recovery, processing and utilization technologies and training of specialists to develop and introduce these technologies a priority task of mining science and education in Kemerovo Oblast; to continue work on the development of new technologies improving process and environmental safety of mining operations and enhancing the social and environmental protection of the population in mining regions; to attract more domestic and foreign investors; to expand studies in the sphere of legal procedures for the investigation of accidents and criminal responsibility for their occurrence; to expand the program of monitoring of the mine ambient air by adding monitoring of its moisture content and of substances formed by the decomposition of coal molecules in order to assess the mine safety level, etc.

The ceremony of signing the contract between OAO Sibirsky de-lovoysoyuz-Ugol (SDS-Ugol) and Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Group Co. Ltd on face equipment supply took place within the framework of Coal of Russia & Mining 2008. The contract was signed by Vladimir Baskakov, General Manager of OAO SDS-Ugol, and Jiao Chengyao, General Manager of Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Group Co. Ltd.

The new equipment includes 94 support units, a loader, a cutter-loader, and two scraper conveyers. The complex is made for coal extraction from a longwall face 140 m long, with the seam thickness of up to 7 m. The equipment will be delivered to the Kiselevskaya Mine in early 2009. At present, the mine uses conventional steep seam mining methods: shield mining with blasting and sublevel blasthole stoping. These mining methods are inefficient and hazardous. The installation of the fully-mechanized longwall system will substantially improve mining safety and enhance the overall performance of the works. The Kiselevskaya Mine now produces up to 700,000t of coal annually, and next year it plans to increase production up to 1,200,000t.

Heads and specialists in the Kuzbass coal industry participated in the Press Conference on Main Lines of the Russian Coal Industry Development. After a short address delivered by each participant of the Press Conference on the subject under discussion, the floor was given to journalists. Their questions concerned the most important issues of the coal industry, including degasification of coal seams

and methane disposal, coal quality improvement, advanced coal processing, and, of course, the most challenging issue of miners' safety. Andrey Malakhov, Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo Oblast supervising coal industry and power generation, commented on the role of Coal of Russia & Mining in the development of coal industry. Mr. Malakhov noted that for the most part the Coal Forum is of practical significance as mines can now afford to purchase expensive equipment and introduce leading-edge technologies in order to improve miners' safety.

The Panel Discussion on State-of-the-art Methods for Coal Preparation and Advanced Coal Processing aroused great interest. Over 50 participants from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany attended it. The most comprehensive paper was presented by Lina Antipenko, D. Eng., General Director of OAO Sibniiugleobogashcheniye. She made a detailed analysis of the current and new trends in coal preparation. Chief Engineer of OOO Promobogashcheniye Alexander Kuzmin told about Sepair, a recently developed unit incorporating economic and technological advantages of the coal dry cleaning method.

The four sections of the International Scientific-Practical Conference High Technologies of Mineral Resources Development and Management were: Mining Technology and Economy; Industrial and Ecological Safety of Mining; Coalmine Methane: Forecasts, Recovery and Utilization; and Electromechanical and Geoinformation Control Systems. The latter was held within the framework of the Scientific-Practical Conference for the first time and attracted particular interest. The papers presented considered both general problems of the degasification of coal seams and methane disposal and particular processes. It was admitted that unresolved problems prevail over achievements in this sphere.

A working model of a blind drift displayed on the stand of OAO OUKYuzhkuzbassugol every day demonstrated methane and coal dust explosion. The model is intended for training of coal mining engineers and workers.

Other exhibition events included the seminars: Communication Technologies for Business Development(organizedbyZAO Mobikom-Novosibirsk); Improvement of Mining Safety through the Comprehensive Implementation of Requirements to Air/Gas Control Systems and Personal Equipment of the Personnel (organized by OOO Informatsionnyegornye tekhnologii, Yekaterinburg); the Conference Existing and Potential Dry Cleaning Technologies; the seminars/presentations: Sumitomo Driving Machinery. Advantages of Its Use in the Mining and Metallurgical Industries; Energy Saving and Industrial Automation. State-of-the-Art Technologies for the Coal and Metallurgical Industries; Danfoss-BAUER Driving Machinery; Control and Measuring Instruments and Low Voltage Equipment from Leading World Manufacturers (organized by the Novokuznetsk Branch of the Kuzbass Chamber of Commerce and Industry and ZAO TransElektroTekh-Region Sibir, Novokuznetsk), the Panel Discussion The Integrated Solution of Safety Problems in Coal Mines (organized by NFI KemGU and the Novokuznetsk Branch of the Kuzbass Chamber of Commerce and Industry), and others.

Based on the results of the traditional star exhibit competition in six categories, 18 participant enterprises were awarded the Gold medal of the Kuzbass Fair; Silver and Bronze medals were presented to 15 and 16 enterprises, respectively.

The Exhibition Grand Prix was awarded to OOO Yurginsky mashzavod (Yugra), OAO OUKYuzhkuzbassugol, the Staff Training Center (Novokuznetsk), OOO Tomskoye nauchno-proizvodstven-noye obyedineniye Ilma (Tomsk), and OOO Obyedinyonnaya kom-paniya Sibshakhtstroy (Novokuznetsk).