Rationale for the application of the Topocad software package intended for design calculations of route geometry parameters in underground railway construction

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2019-2-144-90-91

R.V. Shevchuk, D.Zh. Akmatov, A.A. Tikhonov

The authors describe the results of application and characteristics of the method of route geometry parameters design calculations. The article also presents case studies of the Topocad package application in mine surveying in construction of main line tunnels from Ramenky Station to Lomonosovsky Prospekt Station of Moscow Metro. The analysis has been made of the advantages of the Topocad software package as compared with similar software packages and calculation methods.

Key words: Topocad, route design calculation, underground construction

Mining Industry Journal №2 (144) 2019, p.90-91