Groundwater dams new opportunities for mining and in/situ leaching

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2019-2-144-83-85
УДК: 622.514

Yu.G. Zhelyabovsky

The article contains a brief description of the available current methods of prevention of groundwater ingress into underground structures from watered rock mass. An exclusive construction technology is proposed for the creation of underground watertight barriers (UWB), such as groundwater dam. The author shows an opportunity of such UWB construction for the protection of the Mir underground mine run by the ALROSA Group against brines coming from the Metegero-Ichersky aquifer system. UWB volumetric parameters of 5 m horizontal thickness are given, with interval breaking of the structure height. Concept-based opportunity is also shown of the construction of underground watertight reservoirs for in-situ leaching by this method.

Key words: sealing curtain, underground watertight barrier, brine water drainage

Mining Industry Journal №2 (144) 2019, p.83-85