Experimental Investigations into Dependence of Tyre Properties on its Temperature

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2019-3-145-98-99
УДК: 620.178.156.2

E.K. Abdulaev, P.N. Makharatkin, E.P. Koshkina, E.V. Pumpur

The paper analyses the dynamics of heat build-up in tyres depending on the time in operation and the dump truck tramming speed as well as the impact of the tyre temperature during the operation on the tyre life. The task was set to define the dependence between the changes in the hardness of the tyre tread and its temperature through experimental tests in laboratory conditions. The obtained results of the tyre temperature impact on its properties have been analysed.

Key words: rubber hardness, treadwear, tyre, temperature, dump truck, giant tyre, changes in hardness

Mining Industry Journal №3 (145) 2019, p.98-99