Current and Emerging Technologies in Development of Diamond Deposits

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2019-3-145-26-31

A.S. Zelberg, I.V. Zyrianov, I.F. Bondarenko

Mining and geological as well as natural and climatic features of the primary diamond-bearing deposits in Yakutia create uniquely complex conditions for the mining operations. As a rule, efficient and most complete development of such deposits is only possible with application of innovative technologies. New technologies and design solutions are required to ensure safety and acceptable operating costs of further development of some deposits all the way down to the explored depths. Development of new geotechnologies for the pit reserves mining is becoming a priority task in academic research.

Key words: diamond deposit, innovative technologies, safety, surface mining, underground mining, processing, efficiency of geotechnologies, ecology, energy efficiency

Mining Industry Journal №3 (145) 2019, p.26-31