Improvement of the drilling efficiency in mining operations achieved by application of drilling bits manufactured by Volgaburmash, JSC

By I.N. Nekrasov, A.P. Shcherbakov

Volgaburmash, JSC is a Russian leading manufacturer of rock cutting tools. The company produces air circulation roller cone bits with a diameter ranging from 130.2 mm (5 1/8”) to 393.7 mm (15 ½”) for drilling in a variety of geological conditions. Volgaburmash design engineers focus on the enhancement of rock bit performance and economic efficiency. This is accomplished by the increase of penetration rates due to optimal configuration of the bit cutting structure and improved bearing durability. Analysis of the bit performance data provided by our customers enables our engineers to respond rapidly to their needs by updating roller cone serial designs and developing new sizes and types of rock bits. Volgaburmash rock bits have shown good results in drilling operations at numerous Russian mines. Achieved drilling performance of the rock bits produced by Volgaburmash, JSC is two or three times better than that of any other Russian manufacturer of drilling bits. And we will continue to provide our customers the optimized combination of the cutting structure configuration, high bit bearing wear resistance and superior quality of bit manufacture that will further enhance their drilling operations.


Mining Industry Journal №1 2012, p.48