MINEFRAME an up-to-date intellectual tool for mines


Today, automation of the main production processes is successfully implemented in various sectors of the national economy, including mining industries. MINEFRAME integrated mining software suite is one of the currently available software products intended for computer-aided planning, design and support of mining processes at mines. The article describes the structure of the MINEFRAME software intended for automation of the process of engineering support of surface and underground mining methods for mineral deposit development – from exploration to planning and design of some mineral mining processes. The software composition is also described; it includes five main modules-systems: geology, geology + statistics, surface mining, underground mining, mine surveying. The article contains a sufficient number of pictures of each of the modules and detailed information about their functions. The advantages are highlighted of the MINEFRAME integrated software suite application at mines striving for the maximum efficiency of production due to overall automation of geological exploration, mine survey and technology aspects within a common information space.


Mining Industry Journal №1 2012, p.64