Innovations in Amber Processing Techniques and Technologies


M.A. Perepelkin, V.V. Tyutyunin, V.I. Sklyanov, M.V. Kozlov

The paper reviews general information on amber as well as its physical and mechanical properties. A technology of amber mining and processing, its grading by size, shape and colour, segregation on an inclined plane, as well as separation using moving parts of various mechanical equipment are considered. Prospective technologies and methods for classifying amber into grades using friction grading machines are proposed to eliminate existing shortcomings in the technology currently used in production. Taking into account that each amber piece is unique and represents a heterogeneous material, the greatest efficiency can be achieved by combining different grading methods.

Keywords: amber, methods, technologies, production, friction, grading, classification

Журнал "Горная Промышленность" №6 / 2020, стр.86