On the problems of efficiency enhancement of the mineral mining sector operation in Russia

E.I. Panfilov
The article presents the analysis of the mineral mining sector economic importance for the current and future development of Russia. The state-of-the art of the sector is described and ways for its radical improvement are proposed. Comparative data are given on the state funding of geological exploration in Russia and in the world leading economies. The author makes a detailed analysis of the shortcomings of the Russian Mineral Law. It is proposed to create a common legal framework for the mining industry based on the codified legislative act - Mining Code of the Russian Federation. The list of laws included in the RF Mining Code is presented, and the importance is substantiated of each of these laws. Measures are also proposed for the harmonization of the management system of the mineral mining sector as a strategic industry of the Russian economy having a systematizing role in allied industries and operations, which provide a significant multiplier economic effect for the country.