New investment policy as a major factor of innovative development of coal industry

M. Voskoboinik

The article deals with the current problems having a negative effect on the application of novel high-performance equipment and advanced coal mining technologies.
The author reviews methods of investment policy in industrially developed foreign countries, as these methods spur the renovation of fixed assets in the industrial sectors. Technological refurbishing of the Russian coal sector through the application of advanced technologies and novel equipment can be also implemented due to the perfection of the investment policy methods in the areas timetested by the foreign practice. Innovative development of coal industry and other mining sectors can be implemented through materialization of the following scenarios of the new depreciation policy: accelerated cost recovery system for novel equipment and machinery; equal rights for mining companies in the application of the accelerated depreciation factor in credit and leasing options of investment generation. Of great importance for the encouragement of novel equipment and technology application seems the right to include investment outlay in the total production costs The author also dwells on the conditions for the materialization of the new depreciation policy by mining companies.