Commercial application of drilling equipment and tools offered by ZAO Mashinostroitelny Holding Company

V. Lyukhanov, S. Alferov

The authors present the results of full-scale tests and operation of drilling tools and drill rigs manufactured by ZAO Mashinostroitelny Holding Company (Yekaterinburg) on the operation of drill rigs in conditions of OAO Novo-Shirokinsky ore mine (Russia). The article also contains the results of ZAO Mashinostroitelny Holding Company’s drilling tool test operation in mines of OAO Gaisky GOK, Tashtagolsky and Gorno-Shorsky subsidiaries of OAO Evrazruda (Russia), as well as in conditions of mining operations of OAO KZhRK (OAO Krivbasszhelezrudkom, Ukraine, Krivoi Rog). It is proved that the drilling tools supplied by ZAO Mashinostroitelny Holding Company are manufactured based on advanced technologies and hi-tech equipment with the use of special grades of alloyed steel and hot-cure hardening methods, with a great diversity of tungsten carbide insert configurations. All these features provide for longer service life and higher wear resistance of drilling tools enhancing the company’s ability to compete with the world’s leading manufacturers of drilling equipment.