Assessment of Geoecological Conditions on the Territory of Setting Two Coal Strip Mines in the Erunakovsk District of Kuzbass

The authors propose a methodology for the investigation and assessment of geoecological conditions at coal fields. They have developed an algorithm for ensuring geoecological safety using a systematic approach based on the studies of the statistical, dynamic and technical systems in fields development by opencast mining. The statistical system makes it possible to assess, from the geostructural point of view, the influence of such important components as the geological makeup, tectonics, degree of the seams dislocation, their composition and bedding, whereas the dynamic system includes the elements of the natural and technological coal production complex.
The proposed approach of the integrated assessment of the geoecological state of the environment and man-generated impact in the process of coal fields development was implemented in the process of geoecological investigation on the territory of the Erunak District.