FAMUR Group: Mechanized Longwall System of a New Generation

The article presents FAMUR mechanized longwall system of a new generation – e-kompleks controlled by the IT e-mine system. The description is given of the e-mine system – a centralized control IT system for coal mining, which covers all mining processes from a coal face to the surface. The IT structure of the e-mine® system is described; it includes a GreenDiamond® mine server, a FAMAC LS local station and a special fiber-optic network. It is noted that the e-mine IT system comprises such novel components as FAMAC VIBRO diagnostic systems intended for monitoring and display of vibration and temperature parameters of mining machinery drives, and FAMAC GEO geoseismic monitoring system providing the monitoring of seismic parameters of the strata in the coal-face area in conditions of high risk of rock bumps.