Application of a mini

V.Zh Arens, Prof, Dr. Sc. (Eng.), A.A. Vertman, Prof, Dr. Sc. (Eng.), M.I. Shchadov, Dr. Sc. (Eng.)

 The article proves that broad-scale application of gasification technologies with a great variety of solid fuels (coal, oil shales, waste wood, municipal and household solid wastes) and the subsequent use of syngas in energy-efficient heat engines of the latest design may become one of the most efficient solutions for complex tasks set in the country's Energy Program. Opportunities are discussed of the application of mini-TPP systems implemented as modular-design power complexes. The description is given of solid fuel gasification technology and equipment for the process implementation. Tentative economic estimates are presented of the annual performance indices of a modular-design mini-power complex.