Is there any point for the Russian R&D in inventing innovation products for miners?

S.A. Prokopenko

The article presents information on hydraulic rock drill bits manufactured by a Uralian machinery manufacture holding company for blasthole drilling in ore mines. The bits are highly competitive and even superior to identical bits of foreign origin, however, logistics managers of Russian mines, no matter how strange it may seem, prefer purchasing of less efficient and more expensive imported bits. A similar situation is typical of coal mines in the Kuznetsk Basin, where timeproof and economically efficient cutting picks for shearers and bits for blasthole drilling manufactured by a Siberian innovation firm are not called for, while coal faces are provided with cheap and wasteful products that results in triple and even greater overpayment. The author has come to a conclusion that mining companies do not apply any system approach to the use of purchased products and to the assessment of innovations and their involvement in production to meet the targets for cost saving. As innovation companies do not have any income, their business fades away thus undermining the innovation potential of Russia, which is not that high anyway.

№3 (103) 2012

Журнал "Горная Промышленность" №3 2012, стр.76