TONAR facility: a next step towards the development of main heavy-duty transportation systems for surface coal operations

M.N. Kotrovsky

The article is a commentary on the presentation of a new TONAR heavy-duty tractor-trailer train driven by a 412 h.p. diesel engine and equipped with a 65 t payload semi-trailer, as well as a TONAR mule with a container trailer expandable platform to accommodate standard 20 to 40 feet long containers. The description is given of the new machinery design features. Photos from the machine demonstration in operation are also provided. The commentary contains some operation and economic results of TONAR facility and discusses the promising areas of its development. A list of prospective Russian regions is enclosed, where the heavy-duty tractor-trailer trains can be used for long-distance transportation of the valuable mineral ore output.

№3 (103) 2012

Журнал "Горная Промышленность" №3 2012, стр.46