Results of the commercial-scale application of the computer-aided mine machinery fleet management system at the Vostochny mine of Apatit OAO

K.V. Nikitin, A.Yu. Zvonar, D.E. Kozlov, S.V. Markitan

The article presents the results of the analysis of mine transport operation efficiency and ways for its enhancement due to the application of a computer-aided mine machinery fleet management system. The description is provided of the structure of a system offered by Soyuztekhnokom ZAO, the system tasks and capabilities, as well as the results of its long-term operation in production environment. The economic estimates are given of the system application. A brief report is included of the then RF President D.A. Medvedev’s visit to the Vostochny mine, where he has had a look on the operation of the new mine transport machinery fleet management system.

№4 (104) 2012

Mining Industry Journal №2 2012, p.20