Verex centrifugal slurry pumps Improved design and application of wear-resistant polyurethane elastomers ensure operational advantages of SOMEX equipment

A.Yu. Nikitin, S.F. Shinkorenko

The authors describe the shortcoming of slurry pumps used by the customers. Pump wear resistance and life time are provided by lining of such wearing components, as casing, frame liner inserts, pump runner, with highquality polyurethane elastomers. To extend the service life of polyurethane components of a pump flow section with all hydrodynamic parameters being unchanged SOMEX ZAO has developed a method of reinforcement to form stresses in a polyurethane layer.

№1 (107) 2013

Key words: perfection of design components, surface wear, wear resistance and service life, polyurethane components, studies, highly elastic strain

Mining Industry Journal №1 2013, p.90