Technology of enhancing the operational reliability and service life of mine dump-car wheeled bogies

Yu. K. Yashkov

The article discusses the results of innovation aimed at the extension of the service life of wagons operating on railway lines with small and medium curvature radius of ore and coal open pits. Tests on the line were carried out with dumpcars, which wheeled bogie center-plate arrangements were furnished with oil collars made of a multicomponent polymer material. The obtained test results have proved the efficiency of oil collar application, namely: longer time between wheelset repairs and longer time between repairs of the center pivot and center pad. Significant minimization is predicted of rail wear, and thus, the extension of time between repairs of sections of curved railways, as well as the saving of energy costs of train movement.

№1 (107) 2013

Key words: surface mining operations. railway transport, mine dumpcars, oil collar made of polymer, reliability, wheeled bogie life time

Mining Industry Journal №1 2013, p.112