National airmobile rescue training center for mine rescuers in Novokuznetsk

V.R. Dinges, A.F. Sin

The article presents the project of the National Center now being constructed in Novokuznetsk for miners training enabling them to efficiently and competently act during accidents and to significantly improve miners’ occupational safety, save miners and mine rescuers life and health. The site area of 12.5 ha will accommodate a training building with seven lecture halls and two computerized classrooms, as well as three conference halls. Five halls will serve for 3D modeling of working processes in a mine, and there will be a simulator module, where miners and mine rescuers will train their skills, habits and behaviour during accidents and fires in nearly real conditions rather than in virtual reality.

№2 (108) 2013

Key words: FGU VNII PO, Novokuznetsk Mine Rescue Division, accidents and fires in underground mines, mine rescue service, mine rescuers training center

Mining Industry Journal №2 2013, p.32