Blast!free slicing technology of non!metallic construction material mining by Wirtgen 2200 at surface operations of Kovrovskoe Karieroupravlenie OAO

M. Pikhler, A.N. Pan’kin, A.A. Filippov, Yu.B. Pankevich, M.Yu. Pankevich

The article describes geological and mining conditions of dolomite and dolomitic limestone mining at the Melikhovo-Fedotovskoe deposit. The authors present characteristics of a pilot site for dolomite continuous mining technology testing. The description is also provided of the objectives, recommended practice and results of carbonate rock pilot mining by the Wirtgen 2200 SM machine. The authors offer recommendations and conclusions on the transfer from drilling and blasting technology to continuous mining methods of deposit development.

Mining Industry Journal №6 (100) 2011, p.44