Multiple sounding of washed!in deposits of Kedrovsky opencast mine No 3 slurry dump

V.V. Cheskidov

In March 2011, to enhance safety in work on the re-configuration of Kedrobsky opencast mine No 3 slurry dump, multiple sounding of four wells was performed with a combined tool designed by joint efforts of MSMU and DIGES allowing the measurement of interstitial pressure, shear strength and penetration. Field data was supplemented with the results of stabilometer laboratory testing of samples taken from two shallow holes. Based on the available data the forecast analysis was made of compaction, shrinkage and bearing resistance of washed-in deposit for sounding sites.

The data of engineering-geological studies will be used for the planning and design of the slurry dump re-configuration that will eventually provide an access to coal reserves estimated at 70 million tones of coal currently overlaid by washed-in solid mass.

Mining Industry Journal №6 (100) 2011, p.