Construction of a vertical pressure shaft by raise boring method with a Herrenknecht AG Raise Boring Rig (RBR)

Benjamin Künstle Alexander Frey

The article describes the Project aimed at the expansion of a pumped storage plant capacity due to the commissioning of the 11th machine unit. The Project includes, among others, the construction of a vertical pressure shaft and a system of pressure tunnels in hard silty sandstone. A 582 m long shaft was sunk by an RBR550VF raise rig designed and manufactured by Herrenknecht AG. The Project details and actual performance of the raise boring rig are discussed.

№3 (109) 2013

Key words: PSP, Herrenknecht AG, well drilling and shaft sinking, road-heading and shaft sinking systems, RBR550VF raise boring rig

Mining Industry Journal №3 2013, p.56