Structural analysis of the machinery and equipment fleet for construction rock mining in the southern part of the Far East Region

A.Yu. Cheban, G.V. Sekisov, N.P. Khrunina

The efficiency of mine operation in many respects depends on the right choice and quality of machinery and equipment. For excavation and transport of substantial tonnages of mined materials the reliable and high-performance machinery is required. However, even with the available modern machinery such aspects as the analysis of machinery application efficiency and the imported and home-made mine machinery fleet ratio for construction rock deposit mining are still pending. The author presents the analysis of mine machinery fleets of 98 mines developing 162 deposits in the Primorsky Krai and Khabarovsk Krai, Amurskaya Oblast and Jewish Autonomous Oblast.

№4 (110) 2013

Key words: efficiency, analysis, construction rock deposits, mine machinery fleet

Mining Industry Journal №4 2013, p.26