Reserves for enhancing the operation efficiency of mining companies: equipment repairs

Andrey Bataev, Dmitry Klebanov

For the enhancement of the output of coal, iron ore and other minerals of surface mining operations use is made of excavating machinery and dump trucks of ever growing capacity and more sophisticated design. The equipment which cost per unit is estimated at dozens and hundreds million rubles requires both greater attention and care in operation for the achievement of target figures, as well as higher quality of maintenance and repair. The article describes the ways the available information technologies can help mining companies in enhancing their efficiency in terms of accounting, operation analysis and equipment repair.

№5 (111) 2013

Key words: performing the repair of equipment, information technologies, accounting, analysis, maintenance, mineral output enhancement, innovative approach, VIST Group, SAP CIS OOO, VG Karier mine fleet management system, SAP ERP system

Mining Industry Journal №5 2013, p.47