Telescopic belt conveyor as a basis for the development of new mining technologies for potash salt beds of the Verkhnekamskoye deposit

E. K. Kotlyar, V. A. Soloviev, D. N. Alymenko, A. I. Sekuntsov

The authors offer a new approach to the development of contiguous sylvinite seams of the Verkhnekamskoye potash salt deposit. This approach is based on the application of telescopic belt conveyors, which provide a two-fold reduction of the scope of development work in a mine block and eliminate the necessity of drift drivage in underlying rock salt.

№1 (113) 2014

Key words: belt conveyor, drift drivage, loading and transport system, potash miner system, Galurgiya OAO, Uralkali OAO, Verkhnekamskoye potash salt deposit

Mining Industry Journal №1 2014, p.104