Optimal parameters of air channels for natural draft ventilation of open pits

A. S. Morin, F. I. Borisov, I. V. Korzukhin

The article describes a promising method of pipeline ventilation for lower levels of an open pit run by Gorevsky GOK. It is based on the natural draft provided by the Angara River heat utilization. Designed optimal air velocity data for specified diameter pipes is presented. Diagrams are also included showing the length of a heat-exchange section, full length of a pipeline and height of a pressure pipe for different air flow rates. The authors prove that for any specified air flow rate in a natural draft pipeline an optimal inner diameter of pipes can be calculated, with which the total length of a heat-exchange and pressure section can be minimized. Formulas are provided for the calculation of optimal diameters and pipeline section lengths depending on air flow rates in natural draft pipelines.

№1 (113) 2014

Key words: Gorevsky GOK, deep open pit, ventilation, natural draft, pipeline, air channel, analysis, design parameters

Mining Industry Journal №1 2014, p.114