Fire security and environmental safety of wetting agents for coal dust suppression

S. I. Goloskokov, V. A. Uvarova, M. S. Sazonov, E. I. Goloskokov

Intensification of coal mining and ever growing dust content in the air of underground workings call for coal dust suppression as a top-priority safety-in-mining objective. For more efficient coal seam advance wetting and enhancement of water penetration in coal material use is made of different wetting agents. The article presents the results of research into environmental safety and fire security of test wetting agents, as well as toxicity equivalents (TE) of combustion products, as well as flash and ignition points analyzed in laboratory tests.

№3 (115) 2014

Key words: coal dust, wetting agents, surfactants, fire risk factors, toxicity, environmental safety, tests

Mining Industry Journal №3 (115) 2014, p.72