On the importance of transport costs for the implementation of the Program of the Coal Industry Development for the Period up to 2030

O. Yu. Karasev, A.G. Moreva

According to the estimates of the railway industry experts the railway traffic capacity for main coal deposits either has already reached the limit values or will reach them in the nearest few years. Further increase of traffic in the transport network by 10–20 million tons of coal may result in its stopping and make impossible timely delivery of the required coal tonnages to China and countries of Asia-Pacific Region. In recent years, a significant increase of the rolling stock of private operators has become a notable trend in the transport infrastructure development.

№5 (117) 2014

Key words: coal, railway industry, RF Transport Strategy, forecast, mod/ ernization, development, the Russian Ministry of Energy

Mining Industry Journal №5 (117) 2014, p.6