Design and actual parameters of highwall miner.based technology for Kyrgaisky 63 seam of the Kuprinsky surface mine

A. G. Netsvetaev, A. A. Grigoryan, D. I. Pruzhina

The article presents a case study of a KGRP (highwall miner) operation at the Sokolovskoe coalfield. In particular, opportunities of this technology for effective and economically efficient development of coal seams are substantiated. It is also proved that with the average coal seam thickness of 7.33 m, the average output of a KGRP exceeded 68 TPH, while its peak output reached 200 TPH.

№5 (117) 2014

Key words: highwall, pit wall boundary, coal seam, safety pillars between rooms and chambers, blocks and layers, coal losses in mining, output, safety in operation

Mining Industry Journal №5 (117) 2014, p.50