Topicality to develop mine locomotives furnished with energy storage systems

V. I. Belozerov, V. P. Stepanenko

Mine operators try to avoid the application of contact lines with mobile rail tracks for electrified trains at open pits mining rocks with the use of blast technologies. In this case, the train is driven by a diesel section that is a part of a three-section locomotive - traction unit. The third section is a motor dumpcar. Traction units of the latest design are free from this section because of a dramatic price rise of fuel and lubricants. For train traction on these lines it is proposed to use energy stored in special battery systems. Energy is stored when moving under contact lines or down the slope. The most appropriate storage systems are electrochemical supercapacitor or flywheel batteries. They can be installed on the platform of a motor dumpcar.

№5 (117) 2014

Key words: mine locomotives, energy efficiency, economic efficiency, energy storage system, traction unit

Mining Industry Journal №5 (117) 2014, p.76