Working environment, occupational morbidity, health care and preventive treatment of mine personnel

A. G. Chebotarev, G. A. Lagutina

Application of high-performance mining machinery and equipment, modernizing of main production processes must be accompanied by the perfection of health care and preventive treatment services. It is important to amend health precautions in terms of sanitary and biomedical measures at mines giving due account to working environment, reported high occupational morbidity rates at mines and to substantiate hygienic requirements and recommendations to be included in regulatory and methodological documents. It is also important to identify the informative values for harmful factors of the production environment in general and occupational disease progress risks

Key words: occupations morbidity, mine, occupational risk, studies, prevention of occupational diseases, mandatory medical examinations, special evaluation study of working environment

Mining Industry Journal №6 (118) 2014, p.75