The successful use heavy hydraulic excavators due to the increase of their reliability

R.Y. Poderni, P. Bules

Comparative analysis of the most important technical and technological characteristic, their service life property of Hydraulic Mining Shovels vs Electric Rope Shovels has been done in this paper. The process of a Front Shovel type selection for modern high-production truck and shovel surface mining operation is really complex. A mine purchasing and operations groups must examine various types of excavation equipment and technical specifications to ensure that they choose the correct machines – machines that will provide not only the production quotas but also the lowest cost per unit loaded. The high mobile diesel hydraulic excavators are excellent machines for separation of interburden and selective digging where frequent moves are necessary or electric power is lacking. Big, heavy-duty electric shovels are the well-proven standard for high-production, low-cost mining applications where reliability is the key to profitability. This analysis provides a generalization of that equipment application expertise in an effort to simplify and enhance the mining shovel. The selection process the mining excavator selection hydraulic and electric shovels Your final and specific selection decision of the Shovel type must be based on the sum of your personal preferences and cost analysis.

№1 (119) 2015

Key words: mining rope shovel, hydraulic mining shovel, hydraulic backhoe, electric and diesel drives, break out force, crowd force, clam bucket, boom, dipper stick, face, bench height, digging height, digging radius, dumping height, selective digging, bucket fill,, erection and maintenance time,operating weight, capital investment, service life components and shovels, delay, production, reliability

Mining Industry Journal №1 (119) 2015, p.46