Minimizing the black carbon emission of mine dump trucks

N. M. Kholod, M. Evans, V. S. Malyshev

The article discussed methods to minimize black carbon (BC) emission of mine dump trucks operating in surface mines of the Murmansk Oblast. The available data can be used in other Russian regions. Lower BC emission would improve the conditions of surface mine operation and make healthier the environmental situation in the region. Moreover, lower BC emission would minimize the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and lung troubles. Cleaner air in surface mines would minimize downtime caused by poor visibility. And finally, minimized BC emission, particularly in the Arctic Zone, would improve the environmental situation both on the regional and global scale.

№3 (121) 2015

Key words: black carbon, surface mining operations, emission minimization, environmental situation, mine machinery, emission standard motors, Murmansk Oblast.

Mining Industry Journal №3 (121) 2015, p.72