Infaware issues for mining wastes management for high-tech materials production

Yu.N. Malyshev, A.V. Titova, B.V. Sterligov, S.V. Cherkasov

Issues related with sources of high-tech materials are being considered independently of the sources’ origin. Development of joint classification for natural and anthropogenic sources faces problems, which can be resolved using ontology as a tool for storage, management, and representation of such information. The concept of informational system has been developed on the basis of ontological approach for systematization of data with revelation of connections between the objects, and implemented in the algorithm of input full-text information on the sources for high-tech.

№5 (123) 2015

Key words: mineral raw materials, ontology, earth sciences, statistical analysis, anthropogenic sources, mineral deposits, high-tech materials

Mining Industry Journal №5 (123) 2015, p.24