Design features of purpose-designed vehicles for the exploration and development of Northern and Arctic territories of Russia

P. I. Tarasov, A. P. Tarasov, A. Yu. Tikhomirov, I. V. Zyryanov

The Institute of Mining (Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences) has performed studies aimed at the assessment of applicability of various transport facilities in conditions of the North. The most economically feasible transport facility for each deposit must be chosen with due account for particular geological conditions and based on refined data of geotechnical survey. For the exploration of the territories of the Extreme North, Siberia and the Far East it is feasible to use purposedesigned vehicles adapted to soils characterized by low bearing capacity (bog, virgin snow, off-road, cross-country, woodland). Commercial development of the Northern territories will require not only purposedesigned mine transport, but also reliable public conveyances for offroad weak soil conditions.

№5 (123) 2015

Key words: Arctic Region, Yakutia, off-road, purpose-designed transport facilities, weak soil, roadtrains, marsh buggies, hovercraft

Mining Industry Journal №5 (123) 2015, p.64