Seismic and geophysical research into the results of plasma impulse excitation of coal seams for methane drainage

P. G. Ageev, N. P. Ageev, A. C. Desyatkin, G. A. Elsukov

The article describes procedures and results of microseismic and geophysical studies, which prove an opportunity of application of plasma impulse excitation technology for methane extraction from coal seams through vertical boreholes drilled in rock cavities in a coal face. The research has shown the development of a microcrack system in the area exceeding 1 km2 due to compressive and tensile stresses caused by recurrent plasma impulses, as well as energy spent for these processes, distribution of stresses, energy density.

№5 (123) 2015

Key words: plasma impulse excitation, microseismic studies, video logging, energy density, SCOUT data acquisition system; energy of maximal shear stresses, compression energy, tear energy, permeability

Mining Industry Journal №5 (123) 2015, p.70